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Chimei Studio

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. -- Victor Hugo

Current Happenings

Music Lesson Availability

Currently, there are 2 slots left.  Call for up-to-date schedules!


Upcoming Performance

Faculty Recital @ CLC

April 23rd, 2017 @ 6:30pm


Art Class

Spring semester group art class is currently MAXed out!  Call to inquire other opportunities!


Gallery Teaching

Find me at the Museum of Fine Arts on wednesdays as I teach in the galleries!


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Contact Information

Chimei Studio

Houston, TX 77006

Phone: 281.901.0606


The Art Advocate

Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

It continues to be a tremendous joy to be able to to teach elementary and middle school students art and music.  It thrills me to see the growth and progress that the students show from year to year, month to month, week to week, and even day to day.  The wide-eyed curiosity and the "aha!" moments are only some of the daily treats I encounter in the classroom.  


In addition to teaching, I also volunteer as a gallery docent at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.  Part of my work includes giving gallery talks on current exhibits, and museum tours of our permanent collections.  As a docent, I get the best of both worlds -- constant intake of new knowledge, and constant outflow of such passion and excitement.  

The Foto Fanatic

My first love of art was born out of photography.  Even as a child, I took numerous photos everywhere I go and would spend my own piggy bank money to deveop films.  The idea of being able to seize a moment and capture it forever is tantalizing to say the least.  There are many reasons why the art of photography never ceases to mesmerize me, and this digital age continues to push the endless possibilities of limitless creativity.  

Weddings, Commercial, and Portrait photography available by appointment. 

For information regarding commissions and photo sessions, please contact the studio directly.